Submitting Your Artwork Files

Vector artwork is the best choice and is our first preference. This includes artwork created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Corel Draw (.cdr), or vector-based .eps files. Any text included in your vector artwork should be converted to curves/outlines.

Raster artwork is second choice and includes artwork created in Photoshop (.psd), or .tif, .jpg, or .png files. This kind of artwork is not always considered 'print-ready' depending on the manufacturing or printing process and may require additional work after we receive it. Raster artwork should be sent at the largest size available. We recommend a minimum resolution of 300 DPI at print size. If your artwork has layers (e.g. Photoshop files), do not flatten them. Any text included in your raster artwork should be rasterized.

Document files such as .doc or .ppt files are not appropriate for submitting artwork. A .pdf file will require review to determine whether the artwork is suitable for use.

If there are any problems with your artwork, or if your artwork requires billable preparation time from our Graphic Artist, we will notify you and obtain your approval before proceeding.

We will also send you a proof which you must approve and return before we will proceed with your order.